About the book

Have you ever asked a supermarket staff a silly question thinking no one would remember?
Have you ever talked to someone in the supermarket thinking no one heard you?
Have you ever done something in the supermarket hoping no one saw you?
Well, someone did.
Journey with me through 45 conversations, experienced and witnessed, during my 8 weeks stint at a supermarket during Circuit Breaker. From the sweet to the rude to the I-cannot-believe-he-said-that, these conversations will give you a first person view of the different folks every supermarket staff will meet. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you smile. Some will make you wonder which rock did these people crawl out from.
Grab a cuppa. Get comfortable. And when you're ready, click "Buy Now."

What Others Say AboutTales From The Supermarket

Entertainment worth your time reading.

Eran Husni

Witty, entertaining!Available at your nearest supermarket!

Alena Chan

Honest, witty, entertaining!A must read for everyone!

Inez Kwan

The Fresh Food entertainments people.

Samuel Lim

Made my day.

Alan Ang

Real life events, entertaining, not to be missed!

Rebecca Koh

The truth is funnier than fiction!Colourful cast of characters.

Jaclyn Toh

Laugh die me!

Kim Gin Cheong

Brightens up my day all the time!

Darren Christopher Lee

Colorful, irking, and entertaining at the same time.

Steve Tabaluyan


About The Author

Leonard was told no one reads "About The Author" so he decided to write anything that came to his mind. Leonard thinks he is a humorous guy and is the only person who laughs at his own jokes. Leonard never takes himself seriously, but then again, who does? Leonard loves to sing, but somehow it rains every time he tries. Leonard loves his Nespresso machine. He really does. He is writing this like after 6 shots of coffee. Never has Leonard typed so fast. He feels like the Flash. Thank goodness for spell check. And if you've read all of these, Leonard is thankful.